USB Multi Charging Cable Assembly
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This USB Multi-Charging Cable adapter is the ideal solution for travelers or families with multiple devices of different brands and connectors.   There will be no need to carry different charging cables, just this all-in-one cable to connect to and charge from your powered Laptop or PC.     We can even custom-make this type of cable to include almost any appropriate and available device connectors of your choice.


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1. Instant charging from your powered Laptop or PC.

2. Single cable solution for charging various mobile devices.

3. Designed for charging between various portable devices and powered computers, wall socket or car cigarette lighter with USB  connections.

4. Stabilized output, low ripple and low interference.

5.  OEM manufactured to match and use different male types of connectors of your choice.



1. Material:  Plastic

2. USB Ports:  USB 1.0/1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

3. Output Voltage:  DC 5V

4. Output Electricity:  1000mAh (Max.)

5. Connectors:  Current 4 in 1 model includes 30-pin Dock Connector, USB Mini B, Micro USB and DC 3.5 male connectors.